Mailbox Rental

Why rent a Private Mailbox from The Shipping Post?

SecurityThe Post Office delivers all of your mail to a mailbox sitting out by the side of the road. These days, who isn’t concerned about Identity Theft. What is there to prevent someone from taking private documents from your mailbox and stealing your confidential information? Having a locked and secure mailbox with The Shipping Post eliminates this problem. How about large packages left at your door or on your porch? Eliminate the possibility of having these items stolen while you are away.

ConvenienceDo you have packages delivered to your house? With a Private Mailbox, deliveries are handled by our friendly staff, and held in a secure area for you to pick up at your convenience. No more sitting at home waiting for the delivery, or making arrangements for someone else to wait for them.

Mail ForwardingDo you travel, or spend part of the year in another state? Do you worry about having your mail piling up while you are gone? We can forward your mail to you daily, weekly, monthly or on demand. You can call or email when you want it forwarded. There is complete flexibility to manage your mail whether you are here or away.

Professional ImagePrivate Mailboxes offer an actual street address (not a P.O. Box) for small or home-based businesses. Also, unlike P.O. Boxes, we can receive UPS, FedEx or DHL packages for you, eliminating the need to wait around for them to be delivered.

Permanent AddressDo you move often? Are you concerned about your mail ‘following’ you? With a Private Mailbox, that problem is solved!

Additional BenefitsWhile you’re here, you can take care of all your fax, copy and notary business, order rubber stamps, buy greeting cards, and much more. Let our friendly staff show you all the services we offer.

  With our new email notification program, there will be no more unnecessary trips to see if you have mail. You can be notified when mail or packages have arrived for your account.

Private Mailboxes: All the advantages of a P.O. Box, and a whole lot more!