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Our Services

The Shipping Post is here to serve you

We offer a range of services you or your business might need:

Shipping & Mailing

We can take your UPS, FedEx, DHL or USPS package and make sure it gets on its way quickly and effortlessly.

Professional Packing

With packing crews with decades of practice, you can be assured that your valued possessions will be packed with the utmost care.

Notary Service

With multiple state certified notaries on staff, we are able to handle all of your notarial needs - including mobile notary!

Document Services

The Shipping Post offers a range of document services, including copying, printing, faxing, and shredding.

Mailbox Rental

With a private mailbox, deliveries are handled by our friendly staff, and held in a secure area for you to pick up at your convenience.

Greeting Cards & Gifts

The Shipping Post has a wide range of gifts and greeting cards, and is proud to feature products from local vendors.

Custom Rubber Stamps

Custom rubber stamps can be made in virtually any shape, size, or color.

Photos & Movies to DVD

Transfer VHS, 35 MM Movies or Photos to DVD!

Additional Services

Our team is always ready to help with whatever we can!

The fastest, friendliest, most reliable packing and shipping location in Charlotte County.

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