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Shipping Store in Port Charlotte, FL Recognized in the UPS Authorized Shipping Outlet Top 100 List

Port Charlotte, Fla – The Shipping Post, a local shipping store in Port Charlotte, FL, along with their other location in Punta Gorda, have each been ranked in the UPS Authorized Shipping Outlet Top 100 list for the 10th straight year.

“It’s amazing,” says Carol Drayton, owner of The Shipping Post, “when you think about how many authorized shipping outlets there are for UPS in the whole country, it makes us so proud that both of our stores, as near as they are to each other, are able to achieve this status every year. It is a testimony to how hard our staff works and how wonderful our UPS drivers are.”

She also points out that they could not have done it without the help of their regular UPS drivers

Aaron Day in Port Charlotte and Tom Salisbury in Punta Gorda. “These guys are simply fantastic,” says Carol. “They are always reliable, friendly and helpful. We just love them.”

“What I like most about this award,” says Mark Drayton, Carol’s husband, and business partner, “is that this means we are doing enough volume to be able to be offer as good or better pricing than everyone else that offers UPS, including UPS.”

As far as making the list next year, the owners of The Shipping Post are concerned that a recent drop in the pricing of FedEx residential ground services will impact the business they do with UPS. However, Mark points out that this is all good for their customers.

The Port Charlotte retail shipping store offers the public whichever carrier works best for them. Whether it’s UPS, FedEx, DHL or USPS, Mark says, “we can show them which carrier costs less and which carrier is faster. I’m happy and proud to be in the UPS TOP 100 but I’m even happier about the competitiveness between UPS and FedEx. It’s a real win for our clients.”

In addition to serving as an authorized shipping outlet for all major carriers, The Shipping Post, with two locations in Charlotte County, Florida, also provides packaging supplies and services, copying, shredding, in-house and mobile notaries, and a wide variety of other business services. Their two locations are also known for their great selection of gifts and greeting cards. For more information about The Shipping Post or the many services they offer, customers can give them a call at (941) 743- 4499 or visit their website


The Shipping Post Becomes the Hitching Post!

If you walked into The Shipping Post in Punta Gorda last Saturday afternoon, you might not have realized where you were.  That is because, right there in the corner of the store, amongst the gifts and the greeting cards, Jeff Fouchey and his fiancé, Mary Ellen West, were getting hitched.

It’s not every day you get to see a wedding ceremony while shipping out a package.  In fact, it’s the first one ever in the 30-year history of The Shipping Post of Punta Gorda.

The happy couple, both from, Punta Gorda, had someone else lined up to officiate the services.  But when the original master of ceremonies cancelled at the last minute, Jeff decided to call The Shipping Post.  “We’ve been to The Shipping Post before, knew that they offered notary services and in Florida a Public Notary can marry you.  Besides, the staff at The Shipping Post is always so friendly and we really wanted to get married on Ground Hog’s Day, so we called them.”

The call was answered by Shipping Post employee, Karen Johnson, who is also a Certified Notary Public.  “When I first got the call, I was so nervous.  I’ve never done one of these before.  I knew that my co-worker, Sherri Schnepp, from the store in Port Charlotte had performed wedding ceremonies before so I called her and she really helped me out.”

Karen, who is now affectionately referred to as “The Reverend” by her coworkers states; “I was in jeans and a lime green t-shirt so I called my husband Bill and had him bring me my navy blazer – that and one of the scarfs that we sell at The Shipping Post and I was ready to officiate.”

As soon as she lined up her attire, Karen ran to Publix and bought the couple a small wedding cake. The owner of The Shipping Post, Carol Drayton, found out in a text message and called Karen.  She asked her to pull a few dollars out of petty cash to buy the bride a small bouquet of flowers and had Karen pick out a gift from The Shipping Post for the newlyweds.  Karen found coffee mugs – one that said “Bride” the other said “Groom” – perfect. “My husband and I were thrilled, said Carol, when we heard that someone was coming into the store to get married. Our only regret is that we weren’t there.”

Mary Ellen, the blushing bride, stated, “We can’t thank them enough.  Everyone there made our day very memorable.  We certainly didn’t expect all the little extras.”

Needless to say, the ceremony went off without, well with only one, hitch… please join us in congratulating Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Mary Ellen Fouchey.

To view the published press release and more photos of the happy couple, visit the Charlotte Sun website.